A Day at Westfield Derby’s Big Fashion Wardrobe event

This was a fantastic opportunity for me to get involved in a styling and filming day to represent Westfield Derby. We started the day with an introduction to the camera crew and a tour of the wardrobes. Each wardrobe represented a different style-

Faux fur

This all took place at Westfield Derby, here is a link for the center-


Customers would sign up for a personal styling session where they could have a personal stylist choose garments suitable for their age, style, size and shape. There was even a size scanner that lets you know what shape you were and what clothes would be best suited for your shape!

We then had a filming session where we were looking through the wardrobes and each chose a styled look from the groups above to put together. I went for Mod style with a mix of sequins. I chose a black lace bra from La senza, a Mod style geometric print top, a Boyfriend style Mod coat and some leather mix leggings from Zara. I then chose a sequinned back and black sequin shoes to adapt the look from a day look into a night look. I loved the style of the garments together and it represented the Mod style really well with the mix of geometric print with leather and over sized coat.

After we styled our garments we had to talk to the camera about our style choices and how they represent the chosen style. I was very nervous to start with talking to the cameras but as the day went on it became more relaxed and I managed to open up more and relax when talking.

I really enjoyed presenting my styles and talking about The Big Fashion Wardrobe Event and would love to continue to do presenting in the future. Everyone we worked with was very helpful and really helped to put me at ease when talking in front of the camera.

These are some of the images that were taken of the day backstage! I loved the experience and would definitely do presenting and film work again. I will look into doing something like this again and am currently doing research into how to become a presenter as I feel it would be a great job. I really want a career I am going to enjoy rather than feel I have to get up and go too, and presenting or styling would be a perfect option for this... if I can get a career with both, even better!

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